Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Looking to 2007

One of the definitions of "resolution" in my dictionary is "A course of action determined or decided on." Since this is the season for resolutions, I started thinking about what courses of action I would like to decide upon in 2007. I rarely, if ever, write down any resolutions because I have historically failed to keep them and I don't like to have a record of my failures. So, this year, I'm am setting myself up for success. Every resolution will begin with "I WILL TRY MY BEST". I can do that. I can put my best foot forward and really set my mind on the effort and not the result. Most of the time if I concentrate on DOING, I will wind up DOING. If I concentrate on FINISHING, I will only see what I haven't done and get discouraged. I also have a goal of making my resolutions POSITIVE ( I will . . . and not I won't). So, with that said, here are some of my resolutions for 2007:

I WILL TRY MY BEST to spend more time getting to know God.
I WILL TRY MY BEST to think of how I can serve my family better - then I WILL TRY MY BEST to do it.
I WILL TRY MY BEST to be supportive to Hubby in his new business.
I WILL TRY MY BEST to focus on being healthy and making healthy choices - for myself as well as my family.
I WILL TRY MY BEST to drink more water.
I WILL TRY MY BEST to see each day as a clean slate.
I WILL TRY MY BEST to use my time to my advantage.
I WILL TRY MY BEST to make sure that the people who mean a lot to me know it.
I WILL TRY MY BEST to come up with a realistic budget and stick to it.
I WILL TRY MY BEST to periodically take stock of where I am and how I'm doing to see where I can improve and where I can pat myself on the back.
I WILL TRY MY BEST to pat myself on the back now and again! And make it a point to do the same to others (especially my family).
I WILL TRY MY BEST to read more.
I WILL TRY MY BEST to write more.

I also have some goals that seem a bit out of my control, but I want to keep my eye out for them.

GOAL: to find my voice in my writing.
GOAL: to find a way for me to contribute financially to the family.
GOAL: to win the World Series of Pop Culture!

So there you have it. Posted here for all to see. And you know, the great thing about a blog where you lay it all out is that every one of you reading this will be able to check up on me to see if I really am trying my best. My every day entries should be indicators of whether or not I'm trying my best. Have I set the bar too high? No, I don't think so. Have I not set it high enough? Hmmm. Only time will tell (cop out!).

We had a very interesting and blessed 2006. I'm really looking forward to what God is going to do in 2007.

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