Thursday, August 25, 2011

One More Reason to Love Kids' Birthday Parties

"Excuse me."

I heard the small voice behind me, but I didn't know that I was the one being addressed so I kept going. I was headed down the steps of the clubhouse to the bouncy castle to give Buddy the "five minute to departure" warning.

"Excuse me." A little louder this time.

I turned. A small girl of about three years old looked up at me. Her hair was disheveled from bouncing. Her feet were damp from the grass. She lifted her oversize pink t-shirt to reveal shorts with pink and orange flowers. Then she pulled the waistband out with one hand while the other hand disappeared down the front of her shorts. I watched and wondered with not a little horror at where exactly this was leading.

"Is this yours?" she asked as she pulled out a red cellophane bag full of pinata candy.

I cocked my head. So many things went through my head.

"No, sweetie, it isn't. But thank you for asking," I replied.

"Okay." And she stuffed the bag back into her shorts.

I almost asked her why she wasn't using the rather large pockets that I observed on her shorts, but she had already run up to the clubhouse.

I'm not sure that she found anyone to claim the bag of candy.

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