Thursday, December 29, 2011


Just when I had decided not to make any more resolutions, I read a blog prompt asking what my resolutions for 2012 were. Humph.

The problem that I have with resolutions is that they sound like good ideas at the time I write them down - in the middle of a holiday break when I've just come off a hugely stressful period of time involving family, expectations (realistic, unrealistic, met and unmet), and lots of heavy, fat and sugar laden food. I have a few days off, I see the start of a new year and I think yeah, there are some things I want to do differently - mainly, don't plan stressful events involving family, expectations, and lots of food. So I write down a list of things that I resolve to do or not to do and they sound really good and do-able. Or not do-able.

Then life starts again. Things get back to normal. I go back to an acceptable level of healthy (or semi-healthy) food. And March or April comes and I haven't kept one resolution. So I start feeling like a failure and get depressed.

But if I say that my New Year's Resolution is not to make any resolutions, I sound like I'm copping out. And I sound a little cliche.

So what's a girl to do?

Well, I see myself with some practical goals for 2012. But I'm not going to call them "resolutions". For me, that word triggers short term memory loss. So I'll just stick to goals. And I'll make sure that they are reasonable. And I'll give myself a little bit of leeway just in case life gets in the way and I have to postpone reaching my destinations. (Maybe one of my first goals should be to cut down on starting my sentences with "And".)

All that being said . . . I actually have no idea what my big goals for 2012 are. I guess I'm still in the throes of the holiday and haven't chilled out long enough to look forward and chart a course for the next year. However, I do have some general goals that I can share immediately:

First Five Goals for 2012:

To blog more. I always say that, but I'm realizing how much I enjoy writing and how freeing it is for me. I've signed up for the January NaBloPoMo to help jumpstart me. This is dangerously close to a resolution so I'm scared. But I'm also hopeful.

To finish watching all four seasons of Breaking Bad before the fifth season starts. I'm 1 1/2 episodes away from finishing Season Three. It's gettin' good!

If I'm going to embarrass my kids, my goal is to embarrass them by doing fun/silly things, not by being out of touch or insincere. Perhaps I should change this to say "When I embarrass my kids . . ." because it's going to happen whether I try or not.

To find some new recipes. I look at my menus lately and nod off to sleep.

To be able to claim at the end of 2012 that I have (still) never listened to a Justin Bieber song all the way through.

So that's the start of my goal list for 2012. What about you? Any resolutions or goals for the coming year?

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Melissa T said...

Funny how stressful resolutions can be ... And how they kick in right at the end of Christmas, when we should know better!

I guess my resolution will be to blog more, read my friend's blogs more, and try yoga. Oh, and use up all the yarn I bought in 2011!