Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gardening Update 3/18

Since watching the pilot episode of Touch, Buddy has been calling today (March 18, or 3/18) "Touch Day". Watch the pilot and you'll see why.

So now I have all of my garden and containers planted. I planted carrot seeds in the garden on the 11th. I planted my little containers on the 12th. I planted cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and cantaloupes in the garden on the 13th. Today I planted oregano, lemon balm and snapdragons in various pots around the patio.

I have updated pictures!!!! Here are the basil, tomato and pepper seedlings. Nothing from the peppers yet, but the basil (in back) and the tomatoes (on the sides) are awake!

I forgot that I got a lavender plant from the Natural Gardener. It's in the middle in this picture. It's now in its own larger container on the patio. I didn't start the lavender from seeds because they didn't have the variety I wanted in seed form.

The little carrots in my garden have sprouted. They are SO cute! I hate that I'm going to have to thin them out. Do you think I could cheat and not thin them?

When I was out there putting up the netting (for the cucumber and cantaloupe vines), I noticed that one tiny cucumber plant was pushing its way out of the soil. I really love gardening!

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