Wednesday, April 04, 2012

More Than I Hoped For

Yesterday, after sitting in front of my laptop for over an hour contemplating whether or not to hit the "publish" button, I posted an entry about my struggles with depression. I could not have anticipated the outpouring of love and support that you guys have given me. And I could not have anticipated the many of my friends who have come forward and acknowledged their own struggles. I was struck by how many people posted comments here and on Facebook.

Thank you all so much for your love. I hate that others have gone through or are going through this, but I love that we can share this together. I read somewhere that when we share laughter, that laughter is multiplied in our lives, but when we share grief it is diminished. That is certainly true.

Thank you for accepting the real me. Let's always be real together.

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JustAPatient said...

Just read your post. I felt the same way when my doctor told me I had post-partum depression. After months of medication and therapy, and having settled into that diagnosis...a psychiatrist tells me I'm actually Bipolar 2, and I have to start on a new medication. Every diagnosis has had me questioning my identity as Annie, as a Christian, as a mom, wife, daughter, artist, etc. So will I still me be on these meds? How long has this been my reality? Can I remember being "normal"? You are certainly not alone. I will say that I have started to use work out time as time with God, making him to lay something on my heart, thinking it through, even wrestling with Him, asking for signs, etc. That has helped make workouts more refreshing than the anxious miles I'd walk on the treadmill in front of HGTV. You can call me anytime or come and revel in he messiness of my home and my life to make you feel that much more normal. Glad you have a community who gets it :-)