Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Is That A Crawfish In Your Pocket?

I just received this e-mail from the school (I will not reveal whether it is Princess' school or Buddy's because it just doesn't matter):

Dear Parents,
It has come to my attention that there have been distractions in lunch that need to be stopped.  Students have been bringing crawfish to school in their lunchboxes, sometimes alive and sometimes dead.  Some students have recklessly played with the crawfish by putting them on other students, chasing other students with the crawfish, or rubbing the crawfish on a classmate's body or belongings.  Please speak with your student about these incidences and let him/her know that this will not be tolerated.  Any student found with a crawfish, or any other creature, on campus will be sent directly to the office and I will call the parent.  These incidences are distressing to many students, they are unhealthy, and school is not a place for these kinds of actions.  Thank you for talking with your student about this and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
Thank for you partnering with us,
Your Child's Teacher*

Call me weird, but I think that this is stinkin' hilarious.  I asked my student about it and he/she said that yes, some of the boys had been bringing crawfish to school in their lunchboxes and then transferring them to pockets at some point during the day.  Said boys were also using these deceased crustaceans as puppets to gross out the girls.  Brilliant.

I am amused and nostalgic at these shenanigans.  Growing up near a lake, it was a rite of passage to dodge a "crawdad" or two - most being alive and well as they were thrust into faces, down shirts and on top of heads.  Ah, those were the days.

I have cautioned my student about refraining from participating in the lunchtime lunacy.  My student has sworn to resist temptation.  (And if you automatically think that this is Buddy, you don't know Princess very well.)

Let's hope that the mudbug madness stops soon.

*A side note about this teacher - she is also a friend of mine and I think that one of the reasons I laughed so hard at this is that I could hear her voice as I read the e-mail.  I could tell that she had promised the girls in the class that she would do something about the situation and that she could not believe that she was having to type those words.  I adore this woman even more now. 



Monica said...

Yes, I had a very good laugh too! Awesome! You are right that it's not just boys who have a fascination with crustaceans. I use to go crawdad fishing with some of the boys on my street when I was elementary school age. Good times, good times......sigh.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I immediately thought BOY's too, but then remembered my own Dear Daughter tormenting your Princess with a spider. Ah, the screams still pierce my ears.

Anonymous said...

I absolutly hope this nonsence will be stopped. This is absolutly inaproppite, and should resolt in a suspension.