Friday, March 29, 2013

Four O'Clock Ay Em

I think that Four O'Clock Ay Em likes me.  Not just "likes me",  but LIKES me, likes me.  Why else would it continuously wake me up just to say hi? 

It tries so hard to impress me.  It only appears once every twenty-four hours so it MUST make a good showing for the sixty seconds that it's in my presence.  One night it brought rain.  One night, it brought an owl calling for friends in the moonlight.  Sometimes it just brings stillness and quiet. 

Lately, though, its tone has changed.  Maybe Four O'Clock Ay Em heard me talking behind its back, saying that I was tired of our meetings.  I think I hurt its feelings. 

The past two nights it has woken me with a cat barfing. 

Well played, Four O'Clock Ay Em.  Well played. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

both 4 am and 3 am are two timing me with you. i don't know if i should be relieved or upset. xo em