Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thumb's Up to Thumbs

Ah, the joys of dog ownership. On Sunday Ruby was spazzing out, as is her custom for the first five minutes of a neighbor's visit, when I tried to calm her. I went to put my hands on her shoulder to keep her from jumping just as she did said movement. Her shoulder collided with my thumb and in one painful blast I had a jammed/sprained/strained/dislocated/maimed/bloodied/amputated digit. Okay, it wasn't THAT bad. Just sprained. But, dang, it hurt!

Years and years ago I saw the movie The Pope of Greenwich Village. In the film, The Bedbug (Burt Young) removes Paulie's (Eric Roberts) thumb as a warning to Charlie (a still-gorgeous Mickey Rourke). When Paulie shows up after the incident, he has a full-on scene-chewing rant where he repeats over and over, "Dey took my thumb, Chah-lee!" Of course, that is what was going through my mind while I tried desperately not to cuss in front of our two year old neighbor. The scene where Paulie tries to make The Bedbug coffee without a thumb has been going through my mind ever since.

Have you ever tried to just live with only one thumb? It's tough! There are so many things a thumb does for which it just gets no recognition.

I can't Hook 'Em with my left hand.

Were I left-handed, I wouldn't be able to space between my words when I type.

 Try to crack and open an egg with only one thumb. Go ahead. I'll wait.
 (That pointer finger is a poor substitute, huh?)

Squeeze a tube of toothpaste onto a toothbrush while you hold both. Yup.

Eat a huge, greasy burger.  You gettin' me?

Yeah, that little stubby pollex is very important yet completely under appreciated. I want to change all of that.  So . . . Today is Thumb Appreciation Day.

Every time you grasp, gesture, use the space bar, text, even pull up your pants, take a moment to give your thumb a thumb's up. And take a moment in the comments section and let me know for what thumb action (or reaction) you are thankful for. I bet we would all be surprised.

 (Please note that this is a family-friendly blog so keep your thumbs rated G here. If you must share a humorous, yet PG-13 or higher story, Tweet and use #ThumbAppreciation.)

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