Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!  Thanks for coming back for the 2015 edition of Falk Talk.  This year has been a great year full of family, friends and all around good times.

This summer we took a trip to Estes Park, Colorado with Milaka's brother and his family in June.  We hiked, rode horses, walked around Estes Park and just chilled out.  It was so much fun!

The Falk family and the Myers family in Estes Park, CO.

Hubs and me in Colorado.

Smiling even though we see a storm rolling in over the mountains!

Taken on our favorite hike, Emerald Lake.
We also had a new addition to the family.  Milaka's sister-in-law's sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  We all instantly fell in love and she's going to be the most spoiled baby ever!

Hazel contemplates the goggles. 
With my new niece-in-law, Hazel. 

Princess and Hazel love to cuddle. 

Once again we spent a wonderful Thanksgiving week in Michigan with Gordon's family.  We missed his sister, Maggie, but we got to hang out and bond with everyone else. 

Hubby and three of his four siblings at Thanksgiving.

Buddy and I commiserate after the big Michigan game.
Buddy, Luke and Princess at the sundae bar!
Finally Grace was still enough to get a picture with Princess!

Princess and I take a selfie after Thanksgiving dinner.
Buddy is deadly with a crossbow!  Thanks to Uncle Walt for letting us try it out!
Aunt Bec and Princess after yet another wonderful meal!

The next picture needs nothing more than the caption.

Princess got her permit!

In other news . . . having Milaka's parents in town has been such a blessing.  We've enjoyed many great family times and Milaka and her mom have gotten to have several girls' nights!  Neil Gaiman in November and Dracula in December!

In November Milaka and her mother got to meet one of Milaka's
favorite authors, Neil Gaiman!

Speaking of theatre . . .

Milaka was in two musicals this year - both directed by Adam Roberts.  The first (top) was a musical review called "Stars of David" and the second (bottom) was a production of "Into the Woods".  

Another photo that needs little introduction:

Our goofy pup, Ruby Soo, in her Halloween hat.


Princess is having a blast as a sophomore.  She's the manager of the soccer team (state champions for 2014-2015 and well on their way to another title).  She's also played on the volleyball team and is looking to run track again in the spring.  She's on the Blu Cru - the spirit club that makes all the signs and run-throughs for the sports teams.  She sometimes spends time at home. 

Buddy is a 7th grader and just made the basketball team at his middle school.   He fills his time learning skateboard tricks and honing his basketball skills.  

Hubs is hard at work growing our business, GradePower Learning.  We've had a fantastic year and have helped many, many students reach their scholastic potential.  Milaka worked as an academic coach during the summer and had a great time helping kids.

Milaka has had a full year as a wife, mom, middle school drama teacher, high school academic coach, as well as being asked to be on the board of directors for two non-profit theatre companies.  She sometimes sleeps.
We certainly hope that this blog post finds you happy and healthy and looking forward to 2016.  Please drop us a line and let us know how you are doing!

Many blessings and Merry Christmas

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