Wednesday, June 21, 2006

And The Oscar for Best Performance By a Girl Who Doesn't Want To Clean Her Room Goes To . . .

Oh, the drama. The drama.
I told Princess to clean her room before coming downstairs. Without the drama it would have taken about 10 minutes, tops. With the drama, it took about 45. She wailed. She sobbed. Some choice lines:
"I'll be in here for two whole days cleaning and people will forget about me and start to love Buddy better."
"I can't DO it by myself!"
"I need a kiss!"
"You have to HELP me!" (said with the best wail you can imagine)
"I want a hug!"
"Let's make a rule that whoever is in the room when someone is cleaning the room has to help someone clean the room."
I just don't know WHERE the drama comes from!

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