Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Newsletter 2011

This year I've been swamped with all sorts of stuff - all good - so Princess offered to write the newsletter for me. She wasn't sure what to write about Hubby, so I filled in that information. Otherwise, it's all her. (But I did do some grammatical editing - and inserted our blog monikers.)

Hello friends! What's been going on with you this year? Here is what has been going on with US!

This year was a very memorable year for Buddy! He turned 8 in June, started 3rd grade,

went to the Michigan/Ohio State football game in Michigan, and found his love for video games. His favorite video game is called "Minecraft". Buddy is doing great in school, and is a very good reader. He enjoys reading boyish and humorous books, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He's typically found at his neighbor's house, reading, playing basketball in his room, or watching TV.

This year was a very special one for Princess. To start it all off, she was surprised with two kitties last Christmas.

Their names are Calvin and Marie. (Calvin has really taken to Princess). She turned 11, and started 6th grade. She also saved up enough money to buy her very own laptop this year! She enjoys reading, writing, swimming, art, volleyball, and hanging out with her friends. She is usually found doing homework, reading, or messing around with her kitties!!!

Mom's year has been one word: BUSY!!! First of all, she taught 5/6th grade Musical Theater, and 7/8th grade Musical Theater in the spring at a small, private school (the same one attended by Princess). She directed AND wrote the musical in the spring!! It was awesome!! She also taught 5/6th Musical Theater in the fall, as well as directed their musical, Schoolhouse Rock! Live! Jr. She also teaches a high school film class at the same school. On top of all that, she cooks and cleans for the family, as well as set up social events for the kids, and drop off/pick up the kids from social events, parties, school, practice, etc. Somehow she finds time to check email, watch TV, and take naps.

Between his three Oxford centers in Texas - in Austin, Fort Worth and Garland - Dad has put a lot of miles on his truck this year. Even though he is on the road a lot, he has still found time to be active with Buddy in Scouts and flag football, attend Princess' sporting events and musical production, design a backyard sitting area complete with crushed granite, solar mood lighting and an awesome patio set AND he even had a weekend golf getaway with Mom. He's looking forward to rediscovering sleep.

Some of our friends developed allergies to two precious kitties. They gave these two kitties to US last Christmas. Their names were Pumpkin and Marie. But Buddy decided that Pumpkin wasn't a very good pumpkin, and he changed his name to Calvin. Princess thought that the name "Marie" fitted Marie, and kept it. They are very entertaining, and hilarious! Marie is (we found out) a Turkish Angora. She loves straws, and lazor pointers. Marie is also a diva. (She's gorgeous!). Calvin hid under the bed for the first week or so (Marie just walked in on Christmas day and established where she would sleep, and slept.), and Calvin is still kinda skittish. He's a very sweet kitty, and loves to sleep with his sissy, Princess. He especially likes his fleece blankets and Snuggies to take naps on.

This is Mom speaking again. I'm humbled and amazed at my daughter's writing ability. And I'm very touched that she called my musical awesome. ;-)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Kristie said...

Nice letter! we enjoyed it. especially Buddy's neighbor... :)

Merry Christmas!