Monday, May 15, 2006

A Huge Compliment - If You Know Where To Look

A few weeks ago Princess and I were talking about what she wants to be when she grows up. For the last year she has maintained that she wants to be a Shamu trainer at Sea World. That's fine with me! That means that I can go backstage and pet Shamu!

This particular morning I showed her the picture of her and one of the trainers that we took at Sea World. I said something about her being able to look back on that picture when she is a trainer. She said, "If I'm a trainer."

Me: "'If' you're a trainer? I thought that's what you wanted to be. Have you changed your mind?"

Princess: "No. I still want to be a trainer. But God knows what I'm going to be. He might not want me to be a trainer. He might want me to be nothing. Like you! You don't have a job."

Me: (and no, I wasn't offended - I was smiling) "No? This is my job! I'm not nothing! What am I?"

Princess: (with a huge smile) "MOMMY!"

There are two compliments in that exchange. One is that she is learning to seek God's will for her life. And the other is that she thinks that being "nothing" (a.k.a. a Mommy) would be a perfectly acceptable occupation.

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