Monday, May 15, 2006

My Mother's Day

Ah, Mother's Day! It's such a sweet day. I was awakened by the sound of Princess padding into my room. She put her hand on my shoulder, leaned in and then said, in her most urgent voice, "Mommy! We have to feed my hermit crab!"

Saturday we went to PetCo and got Princess a hermit crab. She was (and is) so excited! She carefully inspected the few crabs that they had and picked one that actually has some personality. Yeah, I know, how can a crab have personality? When you pick this one up, it doesn't go back into its shell, it spreads itself wide and looks right at you as if to say, "Hi! Yes, you have power over me, but I have claws. Put me down now, please!"

So that afternoon we carefully arranged Elina's (the crab - named after Barbie's character in "Fairytopia") habitat and then watched it (her?) inspect everything. It was actually really fun! I explained to Princess how we need to make sure she has fresh water and food every morning and we need to make sure to mist her a couple of times a day (they like moisture). So, being the responsible child that she is, morning came along with the panic that WE HAVE TO FEED THE CRAB NOW!!!! Happy Mother's Day!

I convinced Princess that Elina could wait another 15 minutes or so while Princess and I cuddled in bed. (Hubby was already up and in the shower.) So Princess and I cuddled and listened to Buddy playing in his crib. Then Hubby came out, got Buddy up and everyone presented me with my presents! Hubby and Princess had gone out Saturday afternoon during Buddy's nap and Hubby let Princess pick out a present for me. She did a great job! She picked out gift "basket" from Bath and Body Works. It wasn't actually a basket, it was a little purse! And it's so cute! She was very pleased when I transferred all of my stuff into it and took it to church yesterday. Then Hubby gave me a wonderful new soft pink robe. Buddy gave me some self-tanning lotion! (He shops in his sleep from his bed! David Blaine, eat your heart out!) It was all very wonderful and sweet. (Although Buddy kept asking where his presents were. He knows his birthday is coming up and he's not afraid to use that information.)

Hubby suggested that we go to brunch. We did NOT go to brunch. The thought of taking a preschooler who needs a nap to a restaurant full of other preschoolers who also need naps did not sound relaxing. We came home, put Buddy down, Princess went to play with her hermit crab, and I went shopping!!! Harold's Clearance Outlet was having a $9.99 sale so I just had to check it out. Alone. Ahhh.

I got home to find Hubby and Princess playing UNO with Princess' new Hello Kitty UNO set. Hubby looked up and said, "We've been playing for two hours!" He also said that Princess was kicking his butt! Ha!

While I was gone, Hubby took down Buddy's crib. Oh, that's a whole different post.

Then Hubby grilled steak while I played in the yard with the kids. The weather was wonderful, we had a great time, and the steak was perfect.

A lot of times I rail against manufactured holidays - holidays pretty much created by the card companies to sell more cards. I don't see why we have to set aside one day to honor a particular group (parents, grandparents, lovers, admin assistants) when we should threat them well and honor them every day. But then I have a day like yesterday where, as the honored party, I can take some time and really reflect on how richly blessed I am. And get presents. I guess it's not SO bad to buy a couple of cards.

God has blessed me so much with this family. We have amazing health, Hubby has a good job that he really enjoys, and I don't have to work so I can stay home and raise our kids. And we have two cats, a dog and a hermit crab! What more could we want? (Don't ask Princess - she's gunning for a friend for Elina!)

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