Monday, May 15, 2006


There are two main categories of odd moments in my life: David Lynch Moments and Sit-Com Moments. They are incidents or encounters that would easily lift out of my life and be perfect in either a David Lynch movie or a sit-com. My latest Sit-Com Moment involved my kids. Surprise, surprise.

We couldn't find a certain, and beloved, sippy cup. So I gave Princess the job of finding it. She took the job very seriously. She drew pictures of all of the places that the sippy cup could be and then she would search those places and mark them off of her list. This was good because it occupied both her and Buddy while I got some things done. I was busy cleaning upstairs when I realized that I hadn't heard them for a little while. The last I saw, they were checking the Bug's House. (Household vernacular: the Bug's House is the corner of our yard that is the the ivy garden - just a lot of large limestone rocks and one large tree all overgrown with beautiful ivy. It's also the home to anything that Buddy wants to throw in there.) I looked out the window and couldn't see them. So I went downstairs to check the guest room. Nothing. I called for them and didn't get an answer. Just about the time that I started to get concerned and wonder if I could tell the police what they were wearing our car alarm went off. I ran to the garage to see both kids inside the car screaming in terror and banging on the windows. The lights were flashing and the horn was going off, as was the siren. I opened the car door, got them out and into the house and turned off the alarm.

Once I had my head on straight again, I asked what in the world they were doing playing in the car. Princess was being thorough! The car was on her list of places to look for the sippy cup. Buddy had come along, found my keys in the car (I keep them in the console), and accidentally set the alarm. Once Princess determined that the sippy cup was not in the car, she opened the door. Bedlam.

I don't think I have to worry about them ever playing in the car again.

We never did find the sippy cup.

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gina said...

hey Sis...

at least your kiddos do it on accident. Mine think it's great fun to set off the alarm, just to see the neighbors look out their windows!