Saturday, May 20, 2006

Our Household Vernacular

Different parts of the country have different vernaculars. In the South, any kind of soda is called a "Coke" whereas in Detroit, where Hubby grew up, it's called "pop". We Southerners also say that we're "fixin' to do something" and Detroit people just do it. As a stay-at-home-mom in a community of stay-at-home-moms I find that each family has their own vernacular, fueled by the one (or two) in the household who don't quite have a grasp on language yet. Every parent knows which words to teach to the baby-sitter to avoid meltdowns. I myself know the frustration of asking for a Coke and being served one instead of being asked what kind of Coke I would like.

The vernacular of our household:
Princess is almost six so she's pretty much dropped her "special" words. But we used to have to interpret:
la-la = "water"
Ee-oh da-da = "Eeyore and blanket" (For a while she called her blanket "da-da". This was actually before there was a Dada calling his son "Blanket".)
ahng-gahng = "another" (There was much frustration before I figured this one out.)
Home Beto = Home Depot. (My parents still call it Home Beto.)
Scabettios = "Spaghettios" (She actually still uses this one. I can't correct her because it's just too cute.)

Buddy only has a few. He has a big sister to correct him:
poot = "shoe" (I have no idea. Thank goodness he's outgrown this one.)
sumping = "something" which actually means "yogurt" (Apparently the first time I gave him yogurt I asked, "Do you want something?" and then put the yogurt in front of him. I finally figured it out when he was banging on the refrigerator yelling, "Want sumping! Want sumping!" and I opened the refrigerator and he laughed, touched the yogurt container and very lovingly said, "Sumping!")
bigga one = "bigger one" = his lambskin that he carries around. (When we realized that he was attached to the huge lambskin that he sleeps on I cut two smaller pieces off so that we could bring it with us for emergency cuddling. There was tiny one, bigger one and huge one. He bonded with "bigga one".)

So when anyone is fixin' to come over to our house, we just tell them to grab their Scabettios and sumping and if they want to bring some Coke make sure it's Dr. Pepper. And take your poots off at the door.

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